Fresh Henna Powder


100g of Jamila Henna Powder £7.99



50g of Jamila Henna Powder



Jamila is triple sifted and is a wonderful powder to use as it is so easy flowing. Great to use either with a mylar cone or a jacquard bottle. This henna powder gives fantastic stains that range from deep orange to burgundy. This is one of our favourites to use! This is the 2012 crop.
50g of Indian Henna Powder £5.99


This is a silky, smooth, perfect sift henna powder. It is as fine as baby powder  and fantastic to use. Doesn't clog cones or jacquard bottles. This is fresh from Sojat, Rajasthan and is the 2011 fall crop. This powder stains in gorgeous hues.
100g of Indian Henna Powder £7.99













Jamila henna stain, 24 hours after removal.

Using the Henna Garden recipe.

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